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Smaller treats are harder to sell in the mass markets, these get lost and mixed with other treats and the attention can divert from one to the other. This is where the small counter display boxes by Frixum packaging come into play, they keep the treats in one place and make them more visible for the clients.

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  • Description

These personalized Small Counter Display boxes can be used for other smaller products as well; they can be used in the sales of products like pocket version of skin care of even mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, etc. These products make easy sales when they are places in the small display boxes that are made for them, these display boxes attract a lot of attention and can be very useful in the increase of sales and the visibility of product on the shelf.

These boxes have many benefits for the products that are normally unable to catch attention while being sold by the retailers.


These boxes help increase the visibility of the product by the addition of the advertisement on the back that hold the logo of your company of any design that you may prefer. The visibility can help in the increase of sales and your product is not lost to the crowd.


These Custom Small counter display boxes are good because they can keep the product in one place, the product in not missed with many other types to then be lost amongst the choices, it is in one place and it helps keep everything orderly and clean.


The placement of all the products in one box can allow the products to be moved around easy, they can be kept at the counter near the payment area so they can catch more attention and in this way no product is lost.

  • Calculations

The calculation of product is easier because the product is all gathered in one place, nothing is lost and the Display boxes make it easier to see if someone is trying to shoplift.


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