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Sleeve boxes are some of the most elegant choices in the retail industry, this style works well with the tech industry, the makeup industry, the clothing industry, etc. Basically, it works well with everything by bringing in the class. A Custom Sleeve by the Frixum Packaging is known to give the product a little life, a little elegance and a whole lot of spaz. These boxes give your product a feeling of high quality before the client even has it in his or her hands as it makes the product look a lot more expensive than it is.

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If you are looking for a box that represents your product the best without any seams, like literally, it would be the sleeve box where the seam is hidden so well it seems that the box has been manufactured as one, instead of a sheet. There are many ways to Customize a Sleeve, it can be digitally or by style, it is all up to you and your preference, if you are looking to make a product stand out with just the pop of brand in it, you can do it the way Jeffree Star did it with his Morphe brushes, by including the custom sleeve right on top of the brush case instead of a box.

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If you know anything about printing and cutting and we assume that you do if you are here to buy the boxes because research is necessary. You need to understand that a Die Cut of a box is what brings it the style that you need. It cuts the box according to your demands so that it can be assembled right. On the other hand, if you know the printing process you know why and how a Dye Plate is used, as well as the cost of both the Die cut and the Dye Plate, which can range as much as 300$ to 500$ each, depending on the complexity of the design and the cutting style.

Design Support Design of a sleeve is what makes it stand out, if you personalized sleeve has a bad design then it loses its charm. This is exactly why Frixum packaging gives you a team to consult with on the design and you can even ask for templates of designs according to your themes and we will provide you a rough outline that makes your product stand out. There are many different templates that already exist and many different that we make according to what you are looking for to give you an idea on what to change and what to customize according to your needs.


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