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Display boxes are fun and they can be enhanced with different styles and cuts, however there is a simpler method that is used by the candy and other industries for their display boxes, these boxes are known to be very useful and attractive. They attract the younger demographic and the boxes by Frixum packaging are made from the best material and can achieve a unique look according to demand.

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Printed Display boxes are known to be very universal, they can be used for any type of industry due to the printed designs that can be customized according to each product. The print comes from a Graphic design, and digital as well as graphic art can be customized to infinite variety according to it’s need. The use of these boxes allows the clients to become entranced in the visuals, especially for the food products. Frixum Packaging is known to produce Printed Display Boxes all over UK which have been successful and are attractive as well as indulging.

Digital and Graphic Arts

Certain colours can invoke hunger and craving for certain type of food, this is a psychological fact and with that in mind, you can include colours that will make the clients feel the need to buy your product. Frixum Packaging has a team of designers who are well aware of the demographics and have a knowledge of different industries and can create the right designs for you. If you already have a design sorted and are only looking for minor fix ups and support, the graphic support is complementary from us.

High Quality Printing

The use of High quality material is not enough that is why it is important to also take a notice of other things, such as design and the printing quality. The Graphics need to be perfect but the perfect execution is dependent on the dye plate and the printing process. The use of high quality print is one of the main advantages of Frixum packaging as our boxes will not have any colour bleeding or faded colouring, they will be ready to entice.


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