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Pillow boxes are some of the styles that can be created with Kraft paper, a high quality and extremely strong material that is also environmentally friendly. This paper is thick and made through the pressure press of different materials to crease a touch mixture that works. It is thin and it looks fantastic! You can use a pillow box for many different things, party favors, wedding favors, hair extension packaging and Obviously Pillows themselves, the high quality kind. There are many other things that can be packaged in a pillow box made by Frixum Packaging.

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A Pillow box is unconventional, however, one of the easiest ones to build and maintain. These boxes are great for storage and they are easily put together, without much of a hassle as they just need to be puffed out. The way that these are shipped from our company, they are partially assembled and flattened out. So, you do not need to worry about gluing the side that needs glue to be assembled to be a box and not a sheet of craft paper. Due to the easy assembly and easier storage it is a good choice to get down with the new pillow style. Not for sleep of course, but as a statement.

Custom style and Size

Now you much be thinking that these boxes are already by style and what more could we customize… Well, there are many things in these boxes that can still bring life to a normal pillow box, if you are a fan of being a little extra then you need to get a little extra, like some parts as a cutout, maybe customization to make it look like a cat or a bat, etc. The sizing of these boxes needs to also we customized according to your product size, if these boxes are holding an actual pillow they would definitely be a different size than the ones holding the hair extensions.

Design ad Graphics The graphics of such boxes are always the best, they make the box appeal to different demographics, if the box is matte black and has golden indentations, it will stand out a lot more than the boxes that are floral themed and have a flower. These different designs will attract different audiences, maybe people who like both even! However, the product needs to be marketed to the demographic is was made for and that is how the sales will increase.


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