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Lip balms, chap sticks, foot creams, fungus medicine, etc. These are all normally available in small cylinder or tube form and it can be hard to keep a track of them, that is why the use of Pharmaceutical boxes by Frixum packaging is not only beneficial but also considerate for the pharmacist.

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The Display boxes that hold Pharmaceutical products are often made from good material because if they hold some king of medicine, they need to clean and calm look. The use of bright and shiny colours does not work here, if you want good custom pharmaceutical display boxes, you need to have a decent looking colour palate, which includes colours that appeal to adults and the sense of calm, such as blue, grey, white and green.

Size and Style

The size of these boxes depends on the client, we can provide you with any size between 12-inch width and 12-inch height. The style is where you have an even larger land full of choices. The style of display boxes for most pharmaceutical products are leaning towards the dispenser type of style, this style includes he use of a drawer type opening at the bottom half of the box which can be pulled outwards to allow the box to be available to client purchase, this style is used because it provides a save packaging option.

Design and Graphics

The Design and the graphics of these types of boxes is utterly important, these boxes are used for visibility and the display of the product, this means that these boxes need to have an elegant and attractive look, this is why the graphics and design on these need to look good. The graphics team at Frixum packaging is professional and experienced. They can help you come up with a design that is good for your product and company. They even provide you with free graphic support for minor issues if you need to discuss it with them.


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