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Essential Oils, Face Creams, Serum, balms, Pads, Condoms and many other products that make up the personal care market are often too many when it comes to choosing between the brands and types. If you want your product to stand out, you need something eye-catching like the Personal Care Counter Display Boxes by Frixum packaging.

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The use of Personal Care Counter Display boxes is essential, most of the best sales are made by the products that are on display at the counter, especially the extra items such as the lip balms or tiny fragrances and smaller skin care products. These are displayed on the front of the shops next to the cash counter if the display boxes are well made and that can exponentially increase the sales.

Client Satisfaction

Clients are our first priority at Frixum Packaging, we like to make sure that all out clients receive the best product and can get the right services, our clients feedback is what we rely on to improve. The good feedback tells us what we need to keep doing and the polite criticism helps us get rid of anything that is displeasing.

Printing Quality

The Printing quality of the products is what makes them attractive, the printing quality makes your design come to life. If the printing quality is bad, there can be patchiness, blurriness, double printing and weird lines on the boxes that are not supposed to be there, making your design look bad. Frixum Packaging provides you with Excellent printing quality, giving you the best result of your hard work.

Quick Turnaround

Our company has an extremely high turnaround rate, if you are worried that the whole process will take a long time, all you need to do is finish the finalization of design and your boxes will be at your doorstep in about 7-11 days’ maximum. These Personal Care Counter Display Boxes allow for a quick make and design, cutting the time short.


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