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Full flat double tray, you may have seen it but you most likely didn’t know what it was called. Well, today we are here to give you a full breakdown. These Trays are made with double layering of cardboard or Kraft so that it can hold heavy and strong material, these boxes are used for heavy dresses, fragile crockery, etc. These boxes are used for their strength and the ability to withstand a lot of damage. Full Flat Double Tray boxes are good for rather fancy complementary dressing items, such as a beautiful tie or a watch, etc. These boxes will protect whatever you wish to package in them and the boxes by Frixum Packaging are not only strong, they are beautiful to catch the clients attention.

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Custom Full Flat Double Tray Boxes make a great impression on the clients, it is made from a good material and it is also thoughtful for those that like to have extra security with their products. Clients nowadays, especially the high end side, prefer the full experience, they like to feel the money they spend, not only use the item. For such people, these boxes are the right thing because they show the clients what they need to see and feel when buying an item of such caliber, luxury.

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Although, the selection of materials is up to you and you can choose from the good and the bad, we like to provide the clients of Frixum packaging with the best choices, our softer material is still lovely in comparison to many company’s best material. However, that is not the crown of our company, it is the corrugated cardboard that we provide to the clients that want the best material. Our Corrugated cardboard has many layers, making it thick, as well as flexible and giving the box the right strength. Of course, there are customers that want something thin yet strong and for those clients we provide Kraft, a thick paper that can be used to make the best and strong packaging that leaves the right mark.

Free shipping Our company understands the plight of its customers and we wish to make things as easy for you as possible, we want to provide you with the luxury experience when it comes to getting the right packaging. Not only do we provide you with free design consultation, no die and plate charges and the best minimum order number, we also provide you with the best Free shipping that is fast and efficient. You can get your product to your door within 7 to 10 days for free but if you need a faster shipping you can choose the premium option for a 2-4 day shipping.


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