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Four Corner cake boxes are the boxes used by many bakeries for most baked products and not only cakes. These boxes are known to be secure and they are built specially to hold edibles. These boxes are biodegradable and environmentally friendly, Frixum packaging does not use any material that may cause harm to the edibles, instead just heavy duty cardboard that allows security for the cakes and baked goods. These can come in different styles and with different graphics, with and without windows. Although most people prefer the box to be fully secure as a window can be attractive but can cost you the cake by being a weak point.

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Cake boxes are Iconic, they need to remain the same to provide people with a sense of familiarity and security, these cakes are known to be the best at complimenting as well as protecting cake as the packaging. Custom Four Corner Cake boxes by Frixum packaging can be customized down to the printing and the material that is used. You can use a thin flexible cardboard, you can use a corrugated cardboard, you can use Kraft board, etc. It is all up to you! Frixum packaging provides you with the choice to do as you will.

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Frixum Packaging understands the plight of our customers, we know that it can be hard for clients to come up with an idea or a theme for what they want with their designs and it can be a hard process to think of something that works, it can cause a lot of problems and stumps in the manufacturing time. This is why we provide you with free graphic support on your designs from our design team, they not only help you with the designs, they also give you templates to choose from and work with in case you are completely at a loss.

Printing Quality There are many companies that neglect the printing quality of their Four Corner Cake Boxes and the result is not the best, the packaging of food products is what allows their sales to increase, if the packaging is bad, it will make the company look bad. Printing mishaps such as bleeding colors, print drag lines, fuzziness, blurred words or double print are all printing problems that can make your box look cheap and your product quality look lower. We allow you the best product packaging by insuring the high quality print with a quality check. The quality check helps us keep an eye on your product packaging and see if it meets the expectations.


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