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There are many ways to show off a good product but if you are in industries that get their products hung instead of displayed, you know you need a little extra spaz for your product to stand out against the rows of other products hanging in the aisle. Taking Eyelashes for example, these Five Panel Hanger 123 Bottom boxes help the display with their high quality and complete class. These boxes allow your product to be seen well and without getting faded in with the rest of the products. Not only eyelashes, but Fake nails, glitters, Stationary, etc. are all products that are displayed in boxes like these and even if your product is none of these, you can be creative, because that is all that counts.

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A Five Panel Hanger 123 Bottom Box is one that have a lock bottom to secure the product, it has a display lid that acts as a hanger and a window front that allows the product to be seem well from within the box where it is safe and protected. These boxes allow a good amount of the product to be on display but also act as a strong shield so that no one can take the product inside of the box. These boxes can also be customized in the most creative ways, you can also take the window away and go for a windowless graphic box.

Custom Size and Style

These boxes are not only versatile in their use they are also customizable according to the product, their size can be shifted according to the product, if the product is bigger the box can be made to fit the product. The style and shape are also important, if the boxes made of eyelashes are thin, then the boxes made for any product being sold in a tube are wide and small and many other examples can be given for different products to explain the versatile uses. However, Frixum packaging can allow you to get the best type of boxes according to your product, the shape, size, style and theme depends on you and you alone.

Free Shipping Our company understands that packaging can be a bit of a hassle and also quite expensive if you are going for quality work, so be try to be of assistance in the fast manufacturing and in the saving of costs. We allow you to save costs in the making of your product by not including any shipping fee. Our free and fast shipping can reach you in 7-10 days while our premium shipping, if you are in a bit of a hurry, can cost you around 2-5 day.


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