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Discs may seem like a blast of the past but they are some of the most important things in the new technological world as most products are run on updates via discs and CDs. Of course, programing discs are no joke and they need to be protected and kept safe, not in plastic cases of course as we are not animals, there are many different ways to protect a CD without killing the environment and just for that we have the Disc Folder. These Disc Folders are known to provide the right protective layer for the CDs and DVDs that you may be selling.

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Discs are relevant not only in the world of technology but also in the gaming world, if you are looking at the best program in any shape that comes without any sort of problem, it will be in the form of a disc. However, the maintenance of a disc is important and if it is not properly maintained, it will be unable to work and the data can be fully erased. This is why we provide you with Disc folders made from cardboard or craft paper that allow your Cd to have a layer of protection.

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In the USA, as of today the cost of Die and plate have reached quite a height. The Die Cut is what allows the boxes to be made in a certain way and different boxes depend on how the cuts are made. If the cuts are not made properly, the box can be ruined, you may have encountered a box with the wrong cut that may have been difficult to assemble or to take apart. The assembly of a good box depends on its Die Cut. The Printing Plates are used in the proper and high quality printing of any material and in this case these boxes, the cost of a cut and a plate are around 600$ and 400$, respectively, according to the complexity. However, for our clients, Frixum packaging allows free Cut and plate, so that you the customers can take a breath of relief.

Printing Quality Printing quality is extremely important in the manufacturing of any box, if your Disc Folder has printing marks, blurriness and smudges all around, it is important to note that the boxes will be linked to the quality of the disc itself and people may believe that the disc holds some sort of virus or is not of the best quality due to the bad quality of the box. We at Frixum packaging provide you with the best quality of printing so that you can enjoy the attention of your customers without hitch


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