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Ties are an all-time favourite gift to give anyone for birthday, anniversary or even an engagement. These small cuts of fabric, as classy as they are need something to hold them and to give them an even more aesthetically pleasing feel. This is where the Custom Tie boxes come to play, these tie the whole gift together, giving the ties in expensive and classy feel. Frixum packaging provides the best wholesale tie boxes that are strong and well made to add on to the illusion of luxury.

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Ties are important and in this world where flexing is everything, the consumers want the feeling of expense, the feeling of class and luxury that comes with a sturdy and durable packaging that is aesthetically pleasing.

Frixum packaging provides all of that with custom tie boxes it offers, these boxes are very durable and are made from a strong corrugated cardboard, giving them a heavy and well-made feeling.

Design & Graphics

The design is crucial for tie boxes, if it is to extravagant and noisy, it can turn the customers away, it needs to have the balance of fashionable and elegant, to attract the right attention. gives you a professional design team that can fix your indecisiveness for the design you want on your personalized tie boxes, they provide you with the best and if you are still having problems customizing the design, they can provide templates for you to work off of.

Style and Size

Frixum packaging provides all different kinds of styles and sizes, there are customized tie boxes designed to carry a collection of ties and another designed to carry singles, whiles many are in extravagant shapes and sizes. W provide all of them, the choice is yours and we’re here to help you through the process.


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