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Sweets are always the best when gifted, this practice of giving sweets as gifts is so common that bakeries often have custom sweet gift boxes that are more luxurious than the regular boxes as a way to make the gift more appealing for the receiver. These boxes by Frixum Packaging are a real luxury and they can be quite beautiful.

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The use of sweets is customary in many different cultures as a house warming gift for family or friends, hence the customized sweet gift boxes give the sweets a rather special feel to them and they look much more appealing for the receiver. This process is also rather gratifying for the one giving the gift, there are no qualms with the

Styles of Custom Sweet Gift Boxes

Pyramid boxes

Pyramid boxes are used for luxury Sweets due to their unique shape and beautiful aesthetic. These boxes are secure and mostly used in the weddings for distribution of Sweets as favours for the guests.

Pillow Boxes

These are cuter boxes that can be used for little sweets like candies and foiled chocolates. This is mostly used to gift sweets to children as they would enjoy the unique packaging.

Hexagon Boxes

Hexagon boxes are rare but they are used by many higher end bakeries for chocolates and sweets. These boxes can come with rigid walls, that allows the boxes aesthetic to go up a few notches and the look is unmatched if you are trying to make an impression.

Sleeve Boxes

Sleeve boxes are usually used regularly by bakeries as Gift boxes for sweets, they are good for packaging macarons, they can come with window sleeves which shows off the colourful beauty of the macarons and other sweets brilliantly, adding to the packaging.

Rigid boxes

Rigid walled boxes come in many shapes, the thickness of the walls is up to you but the beauty and impression is all the same, the smooth texture of a beautifully finished box compliments the sweets as you give them to someone. It is a definite way to impress anyone.


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