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There are many occasions that require smaller packaging methods that are not only small but also lovely, such as the times you may want to give you significant other a pendant or something else that is small and significant to them. Frixum packaging provides you with perfect Custom Gift Pillow boxes for gifts of all small and medium sizes.

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Customized Gift Pillow boxes are known to be quite versatile, they can be changed according to the theme. These boxes by Frixum packaging are known to come in many different colours and sizes, you can also choose the finish for your boxes. Different events have different requirements but there are two basic uses for these boxes, one of them is for giving gifts at different type of personal and corporate events while the other use comes from manufacturers looking to sell their product in unique and affordable packaging.

Benefits of these boxes

Custom Size

These boxes come in a variety of different sizes and that allows them to hold a variation of products, including Pillows. Pillows would make the best gift, however they can also hold pendants, soaps, Geodes, Crystals, etc. The product that you want in it is dependent on the size you order these boxes; however, the product will definitely be secure.

Custom Design

These boxes come in many different colours and finishes, there are infinite possibilities of designs and styles that these boxes can have, there are variations of decorations that they can come in. They can also have a digital print and aesthetic graphics according to your need.

Easy to Assemble

These boxes are extremely easy and fast to assemble, they come in a flat form and can be assembles in mere seconds. They have a strong adhesive on the side and the flaps on the sides are pushed inwards to make the box POP out.


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