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Customization is necessary in all packaging in the markets today, there is no time to slack in any department. Custom Cardboard Counter Top Display Boxes are some of the special Display boxes. Out of Mirrors if vanity is the Queen of mirrors, then these boxes by Frixum Packaging are the Vanity of Display boxes.

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The Custom cardboard counter top display is one of the boxes that can be diversified in any way you like, you can get it with hard cardboard and an intricate design if you want to last it longer than just a single batch of sold products. If you want a design that is more disposable it can be a flimsier material, going with a quantity over quality method. There are many different types of materials to choose from but you can also make changes to the design.

The designs can be Die cut, giving you incisions that make graceful designs once the top is folded, others are a little more intricate in their methods and making, such as the dispenser styled display boxes for the counters where the bottom part can be pulled out like a pocket. The hard cardboard style can be used to get a taller display box to that you can stack the product in an alluring manner.

Design and Graphics

The attention to detail comes into play when the design needs to be finalized for these boxes, the graphic design is everything, if it turns out to be unattractive or even derogatory by accident. It can ruin your companies image, hence it is important that that boxes have a good design that is follower and trendy with the youth as well as the older demographics.

Adults have a different graphic sense than the youngsters, they like to have calming colours while children are made out of chaos. If you are confused about how you can appeal to them, we have the solution for you, we provide you with the best team of designers and graphic artists, we make your advertisement dreams come true through the designs for these boxes.


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