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Bookend boxes are the new kind of style that is used in different industries to make a clean impression. It’s used when people don’t want to have a window box, however want to show off the product and that can be done with a bookend box. These boxes are bottom lock, top tuck with one side that has a cover over is. The cover can be opened like a book to reveal a window for the viewers to see the product. This allows you fully covered box packaging with a peak into the product itself. Custom Bookend Boxes by Frixum packaging are made from materials that compliment your product and stand out amongst other packaging options.

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Frixum packaging provides you with some of the best options when it comes to choosing the specifications of the Bookend Box. These boxes are well-known for their versatile use, as the lid over the window can be used for other things. The window can be replaced with a simple wall and it can be used as a holder for an additional product. Frixum Packaging provides you with the option to not only select the size and style of the box but also to customize it via design and graphics.

Size and style

We have unlimited variations between sizes as well as the style within the Personalized Bookend box realm. The main designs that these boxes can chose from is, Windows, Pocket or plain. Some of these boxes have windows behind the bookend, as it flips open, you can see the product inside the box. On the other hand, the Plain one does not have any windows, instead it may hand additional information on the product inside and this can be used for products that do not need a viewing before being bought, basically like gaming CD boxes, etc. On the Pocket Bookend box, the flap can just be used as a pocket to hold something thin, such as a pamphlet, Coupons or something else along the lines.

Design and graphics Our company understands that it can be hard of come up with a theme that perfectly fits your product and the aesthetic of the box as well as the company. This is why we provide you with completely free Design Support. Our company provides you with a design team that helps build your graphics according to the ideas you may have, these can be templates that need to be fixed according to your themes or completely new and different ideas.


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