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The bottom lock design is known to provide security and protection to the product that is packaged inside as the weight of the product itself is what keeps it completely secure. These locks provide you with a sense of comfort and the 1-2-3 Bottom Lock mechanism can be used for all different styles of boxes. All you need to add is a secure lock bottom and the top can be of any type. Many bakery boxes, post boxes, gable boxes, etc. by Frixum Packaging use the 1-2-3 Bottom Lock design to make the style more secure.

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1-2-3 bottom lock is a Mechanism by which two side flaps of a boxes bottom can make a latch when folded over the front flap and the back lid can be pushed into that latch to create a lock. This is very secure and it allows the product to be protected by its own weight pushing downwards, the gravity helps keep the lock fastened and the product secure. These bottom locks allow different types of boxes to become a leading choice just with the addition of the lock. Most Gable boxes are used for carrying things and a tuck bottom, even with a latch will most likely open and make the product inside fall, hence it is important that an auto lock bottom is added into this style.

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Our company knows the meaning of struggle when it comes to thinking of ideas in relation to the company theme and the product itself and that is why we allow you to have a free consultation with out design team to decide what you may need. Many purchasers do not know what type of design they would like their box to be, they are whom we provide the templates for, based on rough ideas, so that you can change it according to your wishes for what needs to be added and taken away. You can customize these templates or if you have yourself a specific idea, our design team can help you bring it to life as you wish.

High Quality Print You may have seen many different boxes that have a bad printing quality, imagine yourself in an aisle and think about a bad quality packaging, 1-2-3 Bottom lock box with smudges and print lines that make it look extremely low quality. Now imagine the same style of box with high quality, beautiful graphics and great text print on it. Which one would you choose? The later, of course! This is why we provide your boxes the high quality print that they deserve, free of stains and smudges.


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